Corporate Finance

CORPORATE FINANCE AND ADVISORY SERVICES aims at offering effective services to its clients. We focus on our clients financial and operational needs and advice clients on issues of strategic importance to enable them increase value and building long term sustainable businesses. Our principles are guided by putting the client first and building long term partnerships.

  • Financial Consulting
  • Feasibility Studies and Business Plan preparation
  • Mergers and Acquisition Advisory
  • Project Financing
  • Debt Capital Markets
  • Equity Capital Markets
  • Valuations Analysis
  • Strategic Divestitures
Financial Consulting

The department offers money management advice to businesses with regards to reaching long-term financial goals, which may include a debt management plan, investment advice, developing a savings plan and deciding on which source of funding is appropriate for the business

Feasibility Studies and Business Plan preparation

Corporate institutions looking to undertake certain business ventures seek the professional service of the department to compile a study into the success or otherwise of such a ventureOur well trained and seasoned analyst through market research produce business plans which enhance the possibility of companies in acquiring the needed capital.

Mergers and Acquisition Advisory

Seek to represent clients that intend to grow their businesses through partnerships or acquisitions, thereby increasing shareholder value. In our representation we use the extensive experience, network and knowledge we have to provide the information that best informs our clients on the economic and financial impact of a proposed merger or acquisitions.

Project Financing

We provide financial advisory services to companies seeking to undertake large industrial, agro based or infrastructure projects. Our services include all aspects of the financial modeling, assessing capital requirements and fund raising based on those requirements.

Debt Capital Markets

Provide clients with access to debt financing either through the private or public placement.

Equity Capital Markets

Provide clients with access to equity financing by assisting them to structure, originate or place equity and equity linked instruments on the public or private markets through private placements, Initial Public Offerings or offering on the secondary market.

Valuations Analysis

Our advisory service primarily undertakes enterprise, equity and asset valuations to assist clients in budget planning, M&A, strategic disposals and the private and public sale of equity shares.

Strategic Divestitures

As financial advisors we provide insights into potential markets and assist our clients to structure transactions geared towards the strategic sale of whole companies or specific assets.

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