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It is a long term wealth management product or savings plan designed to suit individuals who are willing to build wealth over time for future needs, providing for a child's education, starting a business or saving for the purchase of a home. Individuals are to save on a regular basis specifically monthly and can also do unscheduled payments.

Payment Mode
  • Contributions are usually deducted through standing order mandate from clients various bank accounts.
  • Cash payment at any branch of LAML
  • Cheque payment at any branch of LAML
Yield / Structure
  • 80% of these funds are invested in money market instrument and 20% in capital market.
Typical Investors
  • Typical investors are individuals seeking to gain higher returns on money to be used for a specific purpose in the future.
Minimum Holding Period
  • Individuals will have to invest for a minimum period of 2 years, redeeming the investment before the 2 year period could result in forfeiting all returns earned on the investment.
Product Benefits
  • Interest rates are more attractive compared to bank savings rates.
  • As many deposit as desirable can be made by the investor.
  • Enjoy the services of a professional fund manager
  • Can effectively be used as collateral for a loan or bridge finance.
  • Quarterly, semi- annual and annual investment statements are provided.
  • Wealth creation or capital build- up for future endeavors.

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