Provident Fund

Having been registered by the NPRA as a Pensions Fund Manager; LAML has been managing provident funds for major companies in the country. We have returned superior yields for most of the companies managed. It is an investment scheme where employees and most of the time employer agree to contribute a fixed percentage of their basic salary monthly as specified by the regulations of the fund till they leave the employment of the company.
Being long term investment it seeks to achieve optimal returns on investments. There is always a trust deed which spells out the objectives and conditions of operations of the fund.

  • Medium to long term
  • Optimal returns
Minimum Investment
  • Members and employers contribute a fixed percentage of employee basic salary as specified by the rules and regulation of the fund on monthly basis.
  • Dependent on the PF Deed/ Constitution which spells out the objective and conditions of the operations of the fund
  • The fund is invested in a myriad of financial assets to yield optimal returns in relation to risk.
  • Returns earned on portfolio are shared proportionately to contributors
  • Asset Classes: stocks, Bonds, Debentures and Fixed Deposits.
Typical Investors
  • Corporate Institutions
Management Fees
  • Private Fund Management: Negotiable
  • NPRA Fund Management: Management fee is 0.56% plus Administrative fees.
Product Benefits
  • Enjoy the service of a Professional Fund Manager.
  • Higher returns on pooled funds (contributions) which would not have been available if investing alone.
  • Enjoy the advantages of a diversified portfolio.
  • Customized investment portfolio
  • Can effectively be used as collateral for a loan.
  • Wealth creation and capital build up for the future.
  • Competitive returns.
  • Distribution of quarterly and annual individual statements
  • Financial security on retirement or resignation

Our experience gives us the assurance that we are the best company to manage your company's private pensions and provident fund.

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