At Liberty Securities Limited, equity research is one of our core businesses. We conduct equity research to study equities or stocks for the main purpose of investments.

The skills of excellent financial analysis and research, global and business analysis knowledge, presentation and writing capabilities and correct judgment of our personnel enable us to undertake in-depth equity market commentary, economic analysis, industry analysis, company analysis, financial statement analysis, financial and valuation modeling, report writing and presentation together with recommendation for our local and global clients.

The equity market commentary involves daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly market updates with relevant local and international news for clients to make informed decisions.

Company analysis involves analysing a company’s management, financial statements and the key drivers for future growth to distinguish between companies with the best management, strong financials, great prospects and ones undervalued by the market. We are always reminded by the fact that the past is irrelevant, but what we are buying is future results.

Economic analysis is systematic approach optimum use of scarce resources objective under the given assumptions constraints.

Economic analysis accounts for the opportunity cost of resources employed and attempts to measure in monetary terms the private and social costs and benefits of a project to the economy.

Industry analysis is a market assessment tool that provides business complexity of a particular industry market and factors that influence developments.

  • Informed investment decisions are embarked upon
  • Clients access to vital investment information for informed decision making.
  • Portfolios are managed to suit the changing economic and investment climate
  • Research allows for the discovery of new and better investment opportunities

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